6 Best Passive Income Ideas For 2018

The current world had shifted to coexist with technology and that may take a toll for humanity itself. The fact that many things are becoming more automated, the competition to secure your job is crucial. There might be a chance that more skills are required despite that the current industry is growing slower than usual. Not to worry, we got you. We have discovered some passive income ideas and we are ready to introduce this phrase to you now.

To anyone who’s working, don’t you think that your work has affected your personal life as much? Especially with the addition of needing more payment to keep you at bay? Well, we will give you some tips and ideas on one way to resolve this problem. So, what is passive income anyway? Basically, it is making money without putting in much effort. we believe that it will be a great side job for you. If you are curious about what ideas we have compiled, do read ahead!

6 Ways You Can Earn Passive Income

1. Obtain Cashback


Do you often shop? What if we said that you could get money back from your purchase? Well, there are some credit card companies and other organisations, like Ebates and Shopback, who pair up with a lot of retailers. So what happens is, you’ll do a purchase and if that certain company have a promotion, then Most of them work online and they provide the amount of percentage you’ll get for a cash back. If you have collected enough money, you could request a cheque to be sent to your address or through PayPal. As you could see, this is one of the ways to earn money. So, don’t forget to check whether the stores you buy from owe you money or not.

2. Owning Royalties


Did you know that you could bid on royalties? To those of you who don’t know what royalty is, it simply works as a patent for music. For instance, if a show wants to use Havana by Camila Cabello, then they have to pay whoever owns the song to use it. By exchanging royalties, you could earn money for profit from that particular music. Sites like Royalty Exchange help you (as an investor) connect to artists for the transaction. The exchange itself could form in three different ways: term-based (a specific amount of time), the life of rights (lifetime), or income-based (fixed amount). In a way, this might be one of the simplest online income for most people.

If music is not your focus, you could get royalties another way. Now, you could earn money by selling the photos you took. It would work by licensing your photos. Through that, if anyone downloaded your photos, you could earn money from it. The picture you uploaded won’t have any expiry date, so you will always be paid whenever someone downloads your photos. It basically becomes a continuous cash flow.

3. Participate in Online Paid Surveys

If you only have a little time to spend outside or just prefer to be inside in general, I might say that online paid surveys might be your go-to passive income job. All you need to do is by signing up to survey panels and start your surveys. If you do give straight and truthful answers, you will have a higher chance to earn points and rewards. Then the prizes will be redeemed in the form of coupons or checks. Although it might seem ideal, you need to be aware whether some survey panels are safe or not. This is where we at PanelPlace will help you sort out legitimate survey sites. Like all of you, we value transparency. If you are someone fresh in this area and need guidance, we would strongly you to read up on Andy, one of our pioneer members here in PanelPlace, for routine & tips on paid surveys.

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4. Become a Writer or Translator


Do you have a knack of narrating? How about speaking more than one language? If you’re great with writing or is able to speak more than one language fluently, we might say that those skills might be of help in this category. Communication around the globe has been easier now and there are many tools to help you translate but it isn’t perfect yet. Therefore, if you are fluent in another language, you could help a business or an individual to translate their work. On the other hand, if you could not translate, don’t worry. For those of you who love to write, we highly recommend you to seek jobs in writing. Not only that you could narrate an article or a piece, but you could also earn money from it. One way to start might be through writing blogs. If you’re interested in writing ebooks, we might suggest connecting with Amazon’s Kindle direct publishing.

5. Start Renting Out


Are you living in a house or an apartment with a spare room? Well, this might be the most convenient way for you to earn money from something that you already own. You, will be able to rent your spare house or room depending on your own schedule. Basically, you could decide when you want to rent your space. What’s better, if the demand in your area increased, your price automatically increased through their system. Isn’t that quite handy? Sites like Airbnb will help find your customers for you. So, all you need to do is wait for someone to contact you.

Another possibility would be through renting your car if you have one that you’re not using as much. Sites like getaround let you rent out your car. We might say that it’s the transportation version of Airbnb. In addition to that, you are also protected with a $1,000,000 insurance. This may be a great way to get your idle car running. To anyone who’s interested to do this, remember, these sites do give you reviews or ratings. So, if you decide to do this, go ahead and give the best possible service you can offer ;-)

6. Play and Review Games


Have you noticed that you could earn money by playing games? If you love video games, I think this topic will be your favorite. Since there are many games produced each year, more companies need reviews from their players to enhance their games. If you are interested, you will need to fill in online surveys and get around $5 - $75 per review. If you join a focus group, you could make up to $150. To add to that, you might also receive gaming products. Your rewards will be given by the form of gift cards or cash. For those of you who love or is good at playing trivia games, you could get up to $1000 if you become a winner. Are you able to obtain that prize?

Which Possible Ideas Is The Best To Earn Passive Income?

Hello everyone! As you could see, these are some of the best passive income ideas we have collected for all of you. Are you familiar with any of them? Are there missing categories that we need to know about? If so, don’t hesitate and reach out to us. Let us know what you think :) We would definitely look forward and appreciate your responses on this.

For anyone who’s searching for income with less pressure, We really do hope this curated list help you even the slightest bit to explore other fields on online income. We might even say that there is a variety of ideas that you can pick up and maybe, some might work well for you. Personally, We do like the idea of cash back and online paid surveys because its flexible. It basically serves most of us as a hobby that comes with income. On that note, it is always a pleasure for me to write this piece and we wish you enjoyed it as much as us writing it. Have a great day :)


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