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6 Best Part-Time Jobs for Students

6 Best Part-Time Jobs for Students

As a college student, I’m sure that you would most likely pick up some part-time jobs along the way. I’d say, this might be the best time to experiment on your future careers, not only that you have more free time compared to getting a part-time job when you start working, but this is also a chance for you to explore different fields of work. For those of you who need extra cash or have time to spare, why don’t you go ahead and check out what I’ve compiled for you ;-)

Best Part-Time Jobs for Students:

  1. Teaching Assistant
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    Unlike high school, college students could be hired as a teaching assistant, or TA for short. This usually happens when you already took the class before and excelled in that certain subject. You would most likely run the recitation or lab section of the class, grade papers, and also cover a small part of the lecture. Most of the time spent on this job other than lecturing and communicating with the professors would be spent at home. Professors usually tend to hire anyone other than freshmen so if you are in that category, why don’t you go ahead and try to apply? If you are interested, the best way to find out would definitely be going through your professors or advisors for any job openings. In a way, you could see this to be one of the part-time jobs from home.

  3. Resident Assistant
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    Are you currently living in a dorm that affiliates with your school? If you are, you might notice that some of the resident halls have resident assistants (RA) on each floor. Usually, your RA’s are responsible for keeping things safe and not letting the kids run wild on the dorms and they definitely have great perks. The payment for this job could vary depending on whichever method your school wants to use but usually, it’s either through cash or your lease for that year becomes free. In addition to that, for those of you who get a free room for a year, there will be a 90% chance that you’ll get the whole room to yourself, with the kitchen and all. If you have a knack of keeping things in order and socializing, why don’t you go ahead and try this?

  5. Library Assistant
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    I might say that this is the most relaxed job out of all. If you are worried that you couldn’t juggle both your school work and your part-time job, this might be your best shot. Working in the library usually consist of responsibilities like organizing books, being in charge of rentals, working at the help desk, monitoring the study rooms and more. To that, of course, you’ll have perks of having more access to resources and you’ll tend to have more time to do your homework in a quiet space. I’d say that the library atmosphere will help you concentrate better :) This job could be obtained by asking the library workers at your college library. Usually, they have job openings available, especially when a new year starts.

  7. Tour Guide
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    Who doesn’t love tours? Well, one thing I know is that a lot of on-campus colleges provide tours quite constantly. If you’re not a freshman, this may also be an alternative part-time job for you. I would say that by now, you’ll at least already know ⅓-½ of the job since you’ve often walked through your campus (transfer students won’t count). If you’re good with talking in front of a crowd and know the buildings or the history behind your university, might as well work for your university’s admission office and give tours to prospective students. Oh and, don’t forget to be friendly, approachable, and ready to be bombarded by questions. If you can handle all of those, this job is literally handed to you on a silver platter :)

  9. Tutor
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    If you’ve successfully scrolled down to here, maybe you’re trying to find another alternative to being a teaching assistant. For those of you who are not comfortable teaching a class or working closely with a professor, I think being a tutor might be your best bet. Unlike a teaching assistant, tutors tend to teach a small group. Most tutors teach hard classes (ex. Math, biology, chemistry) but don’t worry if you’re not skilled in those parts. If you could speak another language that is offered by the campus, there is a high chance for you to take a tutoring job from them. Or you could teach English (and any other languages that apply for this scenario) for those English as a second language (ESL) kids. Since working as a tutor is more intimate, you could also schedule your shift whenever you want.

    Another way to tutor might be through online resources. Subjects like ACT and SAT. Since your fellow students already passed that, you could tutor anyone that’s getting ready to apply for college. Through that, being an online tutor might be the ideal setting for this framework. This alternative could be seen as one of the online jobs for students without any registration fee. The easiest way to find opening would be through your school’s resource centres or sites like Tutor.com, Udemy, Shaw Academy and LinkedIn Learning.

  11. Research Participants
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    This is the classic research participant “job” with a twist, which is online. For those of you who don’t have much time or is commuting, this alternate choice could be your favourite. Although you can’t fully treat this as a job, you may be able to earn some cash through participating in online surveys. Since you are the participant, you are in full control over when you want to participate. One thing you need to be aware of is that the amount of effort you put in on these surveys reflect on how much rewards you’ll be given and that this system doesn’t pay you like any other part-time jobs. This definitely is one of the most convenient online jobs for students, especially that the only thing you need to invest on this would be your time

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Hello everyone! Did you start decorating for the holidays yet? Who’s excited? I know I am. On that note, how’s your day been going? I hope it’s great! Those points I’ve written up above are a compilation of part-time jobs that most students take. So, what do you think about them? Do they work or not? If you want to talk about it, let me know :)

On the other hand, I sincerely hope that this article could be helpful to anyone who’s reading it right now, especially to those students out there who’s searching for a job. I know it can be tough when one of your feet is on adulthood while the other is on education but I know that all of the time and effort you’ll put to achieve your dreams are definitely worth it. Once again, it is with great pleasure for me to write for y’all and have fun during the holidays! Stay safe and see you soon!


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