5 Important Lesson To Learn During Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year and it is the year of the Pig! Prior to this lunar new year, many Chinese would start their preparation to welcome prosperity and bid goodbye to bad luck. For this year’s Chinese New Year, we will be introducing 5 important skills you can learn during this auspicious festival

5 Interesting Skills To Learn During The Spring Festival

1. Personalizing Your Chinese New Year Greetings While Receiving Your Red Packets

There are lots of Chinese new year taboos people would try to avoid so that they will not bring bad luck to the family. One of the biggest superstitions is saying unlucky words related to death or misfortune. To prevent such awkward moments, learning lucky phrases during Chinese New Year is one of the most important tasks!

It is a traditional move to wish the elders with lucky phrases when you receive your red packets. “Gōng xǐ fā cái” (恭喜发财) , is the most commonly used lucky phrases of all. It means wishing the receiver wealth and prosperity. Other than that, there are many other simple lucky phrases you can add to your vocabulary while house visiting. The language and pronunciation of the phrases of the phrases may also vary depending on different dialect groups. By personalizing your lucky phrase with the right dialect, the receiver might be happier and may give you a bigger red envelope in return!

2. Fengshui Practices Based on Chinese Calendar


Fengshui has always been a fascinating area that people are highly interested to explore. There are many superstitions Chinese would adapt to improve overall luck of their family or business. To give an example, many families would get the lion dance troupes to perform so that it brings good luck to their home and drives away any bad omen that may harm the family.

As the “lucky” spot of an individual would change depending on the Chinese zodiac of the year, many people would invite a Fengshui master to review their house floor plan again. Based on the Fengshui experts recommendation, people would rearrange their decoration such as The God of Fortune Sculpture to boost the wealth and prosperity of the house. An interesting fact is that the cost of hiring a Fengshui master would vary based on the sizes of the location. The price range would normally cost between $300 to $1500. Why not consider learning some Fengshui practices by yourself?

At Udemy, there is an interesting Fengshui online course that you might want to consider taking up, which might help you to fatten up your wallet. In this online course, the tutor will share some Fengshui tips and principles that could help you boost your overall wealth and luck for the year. What’s more, the online tutorial only costs $17.99 which entitles you to a lifetime full access of the content after a one-time payment made.

After mastering these useful Fengshui tips, your overall luck might become better for the rest of the year!

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3. Finding Out Your Compatible Chinese Zodiacs

Similar to the western horoscope, in the Chinese culture, there is 12 zodiac animal too. Based on the ancient legend, “The Great Race”, The Jade Emperor wants to designate 12 animals as the representative of the Chinese Calendar. He hosted a race among all of the animals and stated that he will only shortlist the first 12 winners as the representative of the animal sign. Overcoming many different obstacles and fears by the animal themselves, the rat emerged as the first animal to cross the race line followed by the ox as second.

If you are interested to know the full story of “The Great Race” and the history of Chinese New Year, why not consider joining the “Chinese New Year” online course organized by study.com? Through this online course, you will learn about the history of Chinese New Year such as the monster “Nian”, how to read the lunar calendar and finding out your destined Chinese zodiacs. The credible online courses provider even offers a 30 days trial which means that you will have access to free online courses within that period!

4. Chinese New Year Decorations Interlinks With Our Luck


During Chinese New Year, everyone would purchase some decorations and display it in their house to create the festive vibes. Many Chinese would like to buy “Chūn lián” (春联) which is a pair of red scrolls, with Chinese Calligraphy written in either black or gold ink, pasted on the two walls beside the entrance of the house. Besides then using it for decoration purposes, there is a myth saying that by pasting “Chūn lián” (春联) on the walls, it will repel any evil spirits and bad omen.

Another common Chinese Calligraphy New Year decoration that people would like to purchase is “Fú” (福). Many families believe that by pasting the “Fú” (福) upside down means good fortune is coming to the house. By displaying all these lucky Spring Festive decorations, it might increase your overall luck in getting a bigger red envelope.

Why not write it yourself? On Udemy, there is a beginner Chinese Calligraphy online course that you might want to join! The online course is explained in English and besides then teaching you how to write nice calligraphy, it also educates you on the history of Chinese Calligraphy. There are a total of 31 lessons which would guide you to master in writing at least one Chinese character per lesson. The Calligraphy online classes cost $17.99 which entitles you with full access after making a payment.

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5. Learn To Cook Lucky Food During The Lunar Month


In the lunar month, there are many representative Chinese dishes each family will prepare to welcome this harmonious festival such as “yú shēng” (鱼生). What is dieting when it comes to the festive season? Imagine having a table full of scrumptious home-cooked dishes and festive traditional goodies in front of you! How could you even resist the temptation of not indulging in them? It is undoubtedly that this is one of the most anticipating events during Lunar New Years! Why not let your hair down and enjoy the time!

i. Online Cooking Classes For Reunion Dinner


Gathering for Reunion dinner during the eve of Chinese New Year is also another tradition that the Chinese will follow. The simple yet sumptuous meal symbolizes the harmonious spirit and cohesiveness of the whole family. It is a moment whereby family members would come together and enjoy the last meal of the year as they welcome a new year ahead!

ii. Online Baking Classes For Chinese New Year Goodies


Pineapple tarts, love letters and beehives cookies are some of the commonly serve goodies during this spring festival. During this festive period, retailers would usually sell these products at a higher price. On average, these Chinese New Year snacks would cost between $7 to $15. Why not save up the extra cost and consider making these yummy goodies by yourself? You can also take this chance to learn a new skill and wow your family members and friends!

By learning new ways to prepare the Chinese New Year dishes and goodies, the extra cost saved would be your biggest “red packet” received during this spring festival!

Which Important Skills Do You Think You Need For Chinese New Year?

It is no doubt that the Chinese New Year celebration will not be complete without those old yet interesting traditions. The beautiful decorations, heartwarming family reunion dinner, and even those mythical folktales!

To us, learning those interesting Fengshui practices and personalizing our greetings are interesting skills we are excited to learn! How about you? Share with us! You may even want to suggest any possible cool skills you know by commenting in our comment box below!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year eve and enjoy your amazing public holiday with joy and happiness! Xīn nián kuài lè (新年快乐)!

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