20 Practical and Easy Ways to Save Money (Part 2)

20 Practical and Easy Ways to Save Money (Part 2)

In our previous post, we presented 10 of our favourite money-saving tips to better aid you in your money-saving endeavours. Just a quick recap on what we have discussed earlier: willpower and determination, are what is needed for all of us to bring about a positive, permanent change in all our lives! A plan to start saving is undeniably the way to go about achieving this, and for most of the 10 tips we had put on the table last week, they revolve around how we can minimise our expenses in different aspects of our lives.

So here’s our follow-up and sequel to that article, and another 10 tips here for your reference on how you can better save money! Remember, you can save money by following all these simple methods (and making full use of your membership in online paid surveys. To live richer (no pun intended) and more fulfilling lifestyles, let’s quickly run through part 2 of these 20 imperative and must-know ways of saving money:

20 Practical and Easy Ways to Save Money (Part 2)

Saving Money in Food

11. Refraining From Dining Out and Snacking

Dining in at home is a much more cheaper alternative as compared to eating out at all those luxurious restaurants outside. And just think about all the constant snacking we do when we are too lazy to get some real food to eat! This will not be good for your health in the long run, and such actions will only serve to increase your monetary burden. Rather than incurring more expenses on all these activities, consider using the kitchen at home more often to enjoy meals together with your loved ones. After all, food is all the more satisfying when you enjoy it with the people you care about.

12. Packing Lunch

Again, like the above point, it will be significantly more costly if you take lunch from a restaurant instead. Packing lunch to school or work is a much less expensive solution to this problem and despite the fact that this is slightly more cumbersome; homemade lunch has this special feel and significance to it especially in the kind of busy lifestyles we lead these days. Wouldn’t you say that this is a much preferable alternative?

13.Choosing Your Beverages

As compared to other sweet beverages like juices and sodas, good old water is still, and will always remain the best choice of beverage. For the multitude of health benefits and the relatively cheap price water comes with, save unnecessary expenses on expensive health drinks and sugary unhealthy sodas while you can, and this can contribute greatly to your savings and health in the long run.

Saving Money in Health

14.Quitting Smoking

Needless to say, it is clear and apparent to all that smoking is a terrible habit. Not only is it expensive, but it also generates numerous health problems, which will further create many complications and much dissatisfaction in all our lives. If you are a smoker, really, it is best to quit right now. While this habit certainly does not help and aid your quest to improve your financial circumstances; putting our money-saving mission aside, we all aspire to live fulfilling lives that are long enough for us to enjoy the fruits of our success. Of course, quitting an addiction is easier said than done, but for a start, a good way to go about it will be to try curbing those urges by chewing on some sweets instead. Better a sweet addiction than a nicotine one, after all.

15. Taking Care of Yourself

As mentioned in the previous point, health is vital to all of us and it is important, both on our happiness and the cost aspect, that we take good care of ourselves. Make sure to give yourself a little TLC every now and then, and adopt good habits that will play a key role in keeping yourself healthy (e.g. exercising). Just think about all the hefty medical fees and trouble you can avoid just by following this tip.

16. Joining Free Fitness Classes

For all the gym rats, or gym rats wannabes out there, consider joining some of those free fitness classes. Some gyms or studios offer at least one session or at least one exercise class for free, and clubs that have been opened recently are likely to propose cheap, affordable introductory rates in order to acquire new members. Knowing all these information by your hand, would definitely help you to reduce your expenses to some extent in this area.

Save Money in Home Management

17.Saving Money from Home Appliances

Home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and etc. play an essential role in our day to day life. Hence, it is important to purchase those appliances that consume significantly less energy instead. You have to take consideration of these numerous aspects into account, so as to secure your long-term benefits. All this will work greatly to reduce your electricity bills in the long run, and perhaps you may also wish to consider installing energy efficient light bulbs. While slightly smaller and expensive compared to typical bulbs, they do help reduce costs to a certain extent in the long run.

18. Saving Energy

Our small choices have huge consequences. At home, take all the little aspects, that could help you in achieving your money-saving endeavours, into consideration. Turning off the lights while you sleep, making use of the natural breeze instead of air conditioners, and taking care of your usage of water when showering – all these simple measures will have a role in helping us save money. Not to mention the icebergs and polar bears in Antarctica again (as mentioned in the previous post); we will be playing our part in preventing climate change through by implementing these measures into our daily lives.

19. Create Your Own World of Entertainment

As human beings, we are perfectly capable of entertaining ourselves, even before the inventions of TV, mobile phones, the cinema and etc. There are hence many alternatives to the popular and mainstream forms of entertainment today, which can all come out to be rather expensive. Rather than catching a movie with your friends and family at the cinema (which will total up to be rather costly, if you take in the costs of popcorn, soda and etc.); why not rent a movie to watch while lazing about at home instead. Instead of travelling overseas to view some form of iconic scenery, why not go exploring some undiscovered sights and places in your country which you had never seen before. There is so much you can do while having fun at a cheaper cost!

20. Clothing

While clothes are a necessity in our daily lives, there is much we can do to reduce our expenditures in this area. For example, certain clothes consumes a large portion of money for us to maintain even in the long run (e.g. those that must be sent to the dry cleaners) and to avoid incurring such costs; we can just simply avoid buying these types of clothes. Taking proper care of your clothes is also essential into ensuring their durability, and this certainly will help you save quite a bit of money in the long run.

All these tips are simply but a few ways to help you in your quest to better your financial circumstances; what most matters still, is your willpower and determination to carry out your money-saving mission. Follow these suggestions, and scrimp and save whenever you can to cultivate this sort of thrifty habit in you, whereby you will learn and understand the value of money.

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