12 Chapters of Christmas


Y’all know that you’re going home to celebrate your annual family Christmas party, where everyone in your big family gather together. Isn’t it exciting? The fact that there are beautiful Christmas decorations (which you don’t need to hang) and finally seeing the fridge full of food (which never happens at home).

You might be excited to see a fraction of your family, some you still can tolerate, and there are the rest where you are glad to see the back of. You know that you can’t judge a book by its cover but, I mean... Anyway, this is probably one of the time where you don’t know whether it is a blessing in disguise or just a nightmare on the elm street.

From the excerpt above, we would like to notify you that this blog post will be different than our usual style. We have designed this tale that most of us can relate to during the holiday season.

Happy Reading!

Chapter 1: Reunited At Last

As I reach the front door of my old childhood home, everyone can see how jittery I am (although I quite feel nostalgic). I look around and check whether I bring everything.

A bottle of wine? check. Some presents for the whole family? check. Wearing an ugly christmas sweater? Check. A positive attitude? Check. Everything should be there, right?

Okay... let’s do this. Deep breaths, deep breaths. Just hoping that my finger follows my brain’s command, to stop shaking, and at least try to ring the doorbell.

Ding dong. (Phew, finally!)

I hear footsteps coming to the door. Here we go!

Chapter 2: Appearing At My Finest?

My mom greets me at the door and covers me with kisses. Two of my dogs come rushing over and knocks me down on the floor, wagging their tails. Such a great greetings!

Mom: “Why are you wearing that sweater, honey? Didn’t I tell you that it’s going to be a Great Gatsby themed party, dear?”

And that’s when it hit me. I remembered her invitation email for our family Christmas party but I totally forgot about it. Am I reaping what I sow right now? I’ve gone too far into the house so I can’t change now.

Oh I know, just play it cool and everything will be fine. :)

Chapter 3: A Deer Caught in The Headlights

Everyone’s eyes are fixated to the person who just arrived, and that’s me. Well, hello center of attention - my sweater. It definitely makes me stand out like a sore thumb now. Due to the fact that I study abroad, it has been awhile since I’ve seen these familiar faces.

Cold sweat starts building up on my forehead and it literally seems like I’m an endangered species, everyone is marveling at its rarity. My heartbeat is pounding very hard, I bet everyone in the room can hear me. And this is how you feel awkward at your own home.

Chapter 4: Have I Ever Walked With You Once Upon A Dream?

The party resumes in full blast and I segue throughout the room, occasionally greet people I passed by. Finally I reach the Christmas tree and place the gifts I bought. Next would be the kitchen so I can drop off the wine.

Well that’s done, so now it’s bonding time!

???: “A penny for your thoughts?”

Wait, I’m able to determine which one is Jim, Jill, Jean, or Gene but who is this guy?

*gasp* is he even a part of this family?

Me: “hahaha… it was nothing, I was just zoning out. Wait, are you... Drew? As in Jason’s son?”

Drew: “Yea, I thought you’ve forgotten about me. I mean, last time we’ve met was when we were kids hahaha...”

Phew, Save! Ok conversation starter… conversation starter...

Me: “Dude, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. I mean, if you feel like it?”


Drew: “Sure thing!”

Chapter 5: Papa-Paparazzi

You know when you feel like a celebrity and everyone arounds you are the paparazzi? Yea, that’s what I’m feeling right now.

“Did you gain weight?” “Are you seeing someone ?” “How’s your grades?”

Is it me or these are pretty common? Well then, thank you very much for taking care of me and now please let my soul rest in peace (T_T)

I know that it’s a conversation starter but please people, don’t go through my comfort zone. Gladly, I’m pretty much prepared for these kinds of questions. Just answer them all in the same pattern: maybe, later, ok. Trust me, this works.

Chapter 6: Cheat Day!!!

On the previous episode, I’ve been bombarded with stinging conversational questions such as “Did you gain weight?”. Now, let’s see the opposite.

As I move to the dining room and grab some food, here comes my grandma. As you all know how most grandmas act, they don’t judge you by your shape and will more or less love you no matter who you are.

As she sees me taking “little” amounts of food, it seems that she wasn’t satisfied. Naturally, she start piling up a food mountain on my plate. The food taste delicious but in this amount? Goodness gracious, I need to start counting how many hours in the gym should I spend when I come back.

Chapter 7: Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?

Is it the ambiance or just this particular season that makes the food taste fantastic? Anyhow, as I stuff myself with food and enjoying this festive moment, I could hear loud voices from the other side of the house.

And of course, I would love to check it out. I was thinking that a fight is going to happen but to my utter disappointment, the same people argue again and again. I know this might flip the whole environment of the party but it’s quite hilarious to see the crowd splitted in half like God is parting the red sea. Everyone is getting ready to charge in case things will get physical.

Several minutes later, a teardrop was seen. Everyone started to panic but then apparently we read the mood wrong. They are actually reconciling. Giving praises to each other and saying how they do not deserve the other in their lives.

It was as if the conductor signals his first stroke, everyone said “Awwww....”

Chapter 8: Under The Mistletoe

I know it’s a part of the house decorations but isn’t it awkward if it’s on a family party? I know that there are family friends here too but why a mistletoe?

Just to let you guys know, mistletoe is symbolized as a plant that blessed fertility and long life. To anyone who pass beneath it, they shall kiss. Pucker up, people!

So, I made a plan to avoid the mistletoe at all cost. I’ll avoid it like a plague. This is the house I grew up in so I should be familiar with the coordinations of this place, right?

Chapter 9: Drink! Drink! Drink!

This is probably the most heartwarming part of the whole party. People start gathering around the christmas tree while people of the generation before us *cough*parents*cough* starts telling their back in the day stories.

From hot chocolate, champagne, wine, eggnog, or tea, everyone holds their preferred drink as my dad starts the classic ninja cutting onion speech on how blessed and grateful he is to have all of us here right now. It was a tear jerking moment for everyone and I hear sniffles in the background.

Then he suddenly shout, “Cheers!”

And everyone responded, "Cheers!"

Although my face might be messy right now, I won’t trade this time ever.

Chapter 10: On The Tenth Day My True Love Gave To Me

It’s gift exchange time!!!

I just love it how people can get creative with the presents. I remembered that last year, one of my cousin got a notebook with a collage of his face (on unpleasant angles) as the cover of the book. Another one got a water bottle with a label “melted snowman”. It was hilarious! I just can’t wait what I’m going to get.

Chapter 11: Say Cheese!

Probably the only chaotic time throughout the whole party. When your family tries to coordinate for the mandatory Christmas photo, it is quite entertaining. Some are trying to fit everyone in the frame, others are busy fixing hairstyle and makeup, while there may be one or two people arguing which position and angle should the picture be taken in. Many could see it as a Guernica that slowly becomes the Last Supper. Oh Jesus take the wheel!

Chapter 12: When I See You Again

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen goodbye…

This is the moment when I didn’t think will happen so soon after I look back on all the events earlier today. No matter how many weird antics and peculiar but fascinating behaviors from everyone, I still think all of them as family and how lucky I am to have them in my life. It may be the alcohol talking or the Christmas spirit but the party always ends with a high note.

[Next Day]

As I walked out of the door and see this beautiful view, I automatically become my true self after I step into that house. It made me realized how negative I was after I went to college. From chasing good grades and taking a lot of part time jobs just to pay for school, I forgot how cheerful and happy I was before. I’m actually glad coming home for Christmas and this experience reminds me that putting a barrier over yourself doesn’t let people know the real you. As a matter of fact, life doesn’t seem to be as bad as I make it out to be.

Well everyone, the story has come to an end and we have to close the chapter.

Hope you all enjoy the drama and endulge to the beautiful adventure of coming home from christmas. This will be the last blog post in 2017.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See You in 2018!


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