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Market Research 

5 Ways To Deal With Toxic Emotions At Work

It is important to keep your productivity up throughout the day, so in this blog, we will show you how to prevent those toxic emotions from happening while you are at work.

BY Aurelia Sugita / 19 Feb 2019 / 5 Min
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14 Lovely Valentine’s Day Jobs To Earn Extra Money!

14 Lovely Valentine’s Day Jobs To Earn Extra Money! Matchmaker, Tarot Reader, Chocolatier, Florist, Card Writer, Personal Chauffeur Services, Delivery Personnel, Private Chef, Wedding Planner, Jewelry Shop Assistant, Photography, Waitress, Beautician and Handmade Gifts and Cards!

BY Melissa Lim / 14 Feb 2019 / 11 Min
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5 Important Lesson To Learn During Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! There are still many interesting skills we have not yet learn about this spring festival! It might boost your overall luck! Lunar New Year greetings, practising of Fengshui, crafting of decorations, cooking of reunion dinner, and finding more about your own Chinese zodiac!

BY Melissa Lim / 4 Feb 2019 / 5 Min
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Life Without Market Research

What happens if the concept of market research doesn’t exist? The world won’t be as rapidly evolving as to how it is right now and businesses will never understand what is crucially needed by the customers.

BY Aurelia Sugita / 1 Feb 2019 / 5 Min
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5 Christmas Online Courses That Elevates Your Party

These are 5 Joyous Christmas Online Course That Could Elevate Your Party to The Next Level! It could be as simple as learning how to bake classic Xmas dessert, making handmade gifts and travelling overseas to experience a new culture of Christmas in other foreign countries! Why not consider watching a stunning Xmas musical?

BY Melissa Lim / 19 Dec 2018 / 6 min
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The Best Career Advice That You Need

Most people will swallow as many career advice they can stomach. I know, for once, that starting your career can be nerve-wracking for most people and it can be tough for anyone in general. To those of you who are wondering what advice have I assembled, go ahead and read along! Enjoy!

BY Aurelia Sugita / 14 Dec 2018 / 5 min