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The Best Career Advice That You Need

Most people will swallow as many career advice they can stomach. I know, for once, that starting your career can be nerve-wracking for most people and it can be tough for anyone in general. To those of you who are wondering what advice have I assembled, go ahead and read along! Enjoy!

BY Aurelia Sugita / 14 Dec 2018 / 5 min
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6 Best Passive Income Ideas For 2018

For anyone who’s searching for income with less pressure, I hope this curated list help you even the slightest bit to explore other fields on online income. I might say that there is a variety of ideas that you can pick up and maybe, some might work well for you.

BY Aurelia Sugita / 22 Nov 2018 / 5 min
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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The World 2018

It might surprise that the common knowledge of high paying jobs is not on the list. We have compiled a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in the world of 2018. If you are curious whether your work is on the list or what kind of career you would like to pursue, go ahead and read along :)

BY Aurelia Sugita / 16 Nov 2018 / 5 Min
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Trick-Or-Treat: 10 Creepiest Jobs That Earn Good Income

Trick or treat! It's the spookiest season of the year, Halloween! Collecting yummy candies and wearing creative Halloween costumes are such iconic events to celebrate this creepy festival! Now, let us introduce you the 10 creepiest jobs that earn good income! Peek-a-boo!

BY Melissa Lim / 31 Oct 2018 / 7 Min
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I Tried These Essential Life Improvement Hacks & Why You Should Too

We've seen many people who survive greatly and successfully. It clearly seems as if they definitely know what they are doing. On that note, here I have narrowed down several hacks that you certainly have to try :)

BY Aurelia Sugita / 25 Jan 2018
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12 Chapters of Christmas

Hear ye, Hear ye! We bring you a tale to tell. 12 chapters we have, a Christmas story we craft. For all to enjoy!

BY Aurelia Sugita / 18 Dec 2017