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PanelPlace has been the go-to website for survey takers who wish to make money online without the hassle of tedious processes. We pride ourselves in providing an easy to use platform that literally any person can understand and partake in.

Since we’ve started a few years back, we have already garnered a good number of survey takers who have nothing but good words for PanelPlace. From home buddies, students, and even part-time users, they have found the efficiency and reliability of our services in bringing paid surveys in a whole new level. We are known to be a legit paid surveys portal and are dedicated in sorting out the most reliable online surveys to match with our consumers.

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  • Testimonial #46: Chandrawthani Samathan (Malaysia)
    Chandrawthani Samathan, Malaysia
  • Testimonial #45: John Regie Anthony (Philippines)
    John Regie Anthony, Philippines
  • Testimonial #44: Zurren (India)
    Zurren, India
  • Testimonial #43: Paul (New Zealand)
    Paul, New Zealand
  • Testimonial #42: Pui Chui (Hong Kong)
    Pui Chui, Hong Kong
  • Testimonial #41: Gunjan Sachdeva (India)
    Gunjan Sachdeva, India

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