Would You Rather: PanelPlace Halloween Edition



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Have you been spooked? Here's your chance to!

It’s October, and we’re pretty sure you guys know what that means! Yes, it’s Halloween! To spook things up a bit at PanelPlace, we came up with the creepiest set of “Would You Rather” questions to mess with your brain.

Beware though, some are pretty morbid so it probably isn’t a good idea to do this after eating!

You guys know the drill already - 30 lucky members will win the prize draw of 10USD!

With that out the way, let’s get it started!

How Do I Take Part?
  • Step 1: Click the “Get Spooked” button below to start the quiz
  • Step 2: Input your Member ID
  • Step 3: Answer some creepy questions
  • Step 4: Submit your answers to confirm your participation in the promotion
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  1. Find your Member ID # Here
  2. Promotion Period: 1 October 2016 - 31 October 2016
  3. Total Value of Prizes: USD 300, 30 Prizes of USD 10 each.
  4. Winners will be contacted via email, and listed on the bottom of this page.
  5. Your quiz entry must be submitted on Typeform above to be eligible for the promotion.
  6. If you are unable to see or access the quiz, kindly contact our support team at [email protected] for assistance.

~Happy Haunting~

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Prize Draw Winners

# Member# Name Country
1 1464781275 Joshi D J India
2 1454144910 Jelenie Anasao Philippines
3 1475456418 Gugu Innocentia Mofokeng Brazil
4 1427244192 Vivianna Guntalun Malaysia
5 1475503358 Jessica Steele US
6 1475257968 Nadia Azwa Zaini Malaysia
7 1417425821 Nadaraja Ganesaraja Singam Malaysia
8 1475341224 Shanya Dhingra India
9 1358961999 Asia United States
10 1475466869 Julia Novianti Indonesia
11 1472878519 Nur Alwany Zailani Singapore
12 1472425475 Concepcion Chavez Phillipines
13 1475091364 Joel Chan Malaysia
14 1475437704 Divyanshu Kalra Indonesia
15 1412313178 Ra Ra Vietnam
16 1475492018 Belle Tan Singapore
17 1475303211 Vysakh Shaji India
18 1472143542 Samantha United States
19 1463560714 Reymo Manglio Phillipines
20 1475728026 Joyce Koh Singapore
21 1451901164 Dara Rizki Indonesia
22 1460303084 Jasper Porciuncula Phillipines
23 1477897031 Indah Nasir Singapore
24 1475694177 Kaushal Kumar India
25 1475720535 Jamuna Rani Malaysia
26 1330671794 Siow Wai Wong Singapore
27 1475512853 Rachel Yo Indonesia
28 1476721183 Thomas Ticheur United States
29 1471696510 Irish Kristel Bengson Phillipines
30 1475303427 Husnur Rosyidah Aulia Indonesia

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