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Christmas is just around the corner! I believe the city lights and decorations are all up. Many of us are looking forward to the sights and delicacies, as well as family and friend gatherings! These fun times ought to be remembered, and even better shared!

This season, we would like you to share with us a photo that holds meaning to you, be it the sweet memory of your childhood Christmas party, or mom's homestyle stuffed turkey just yesterday. 

Post a photo that means a lot to you this Christmas season, and share the story behind it!


How Do I Take Part?

  1. Share in the following format in the comment box below and tag PanelPlace Offical Facebook Page 

  2. Click on the camera button on the bottom right of the comment box and upload your photo.

  3. Write a short description of why your photo means a lot to you.

  4. Format: Your memorable photo & Why it means so much to you. (Member ID # ) @ PanelPlace

  5. Check out the example below & Post your comments!

  6. This joyous promotion is open for all, Share with your loved ones and hashtag #snappyxmaspp!  Share


December Promotion Photo



As we gather to share these meaningful moments captured in snapshots, you can also feel free to vote by giving the photos a 'LIKE', or share the comments with your friends! The photos with more 'LIKES' stand a better chance at winning! 



  1. Find your Member ID # Here
  2. Promotion Period: 1 December 2016 - 31 December 2016
  3. Total Value of Prizes: USD 300 (The chosen 30 participants will receive a cash prize of USD 10 each)
  4. Winners will be contacted via email, and listed on the bottom of this page
  5. Your photo entry must be submitted in the comments section to be eligible for the promotion
  6. If you are unable to see or participate in the comments below, kindly contact our support team at [email protected] for assistance.




​  ~Share your dearest moments with us~


Official Terms & Conditions



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Prize Draw Winners

# Member# Name Country
1 1481103278 Lenkon Konjengbam India
2 1482326265 Hoa Vo Vietnam
3 1404396461 Michelle Valencia Philippines
4 1481994767 Meshon Sigler United States
5 1481073316 Saradel Faith Sasing Philippines
6 1481435112 Hernan De Guzman Philippines
7 1466022976 Brandi Angle United States
8 1301299366 RM Widodo Pribadi Indonesia
9 1399966 Linda Santelli United States
10 1481361401 Shachi Mittel India
11 3076593 Cp Yan Singapore
12 1482420448 Navin Asokan Malaysia
13 1400831423 Lim Hui See Singapore
14 1481416624 Kram Retsel Cruz Philippines
15 1482410576 Celestea Gerunsin Malaysia
16 1467968704 Ng Sze Yin Malaysia
17 1481959697 Nguyet Le Thi Vietnam
18 1482250520 Sughan Vani Malaysia
19 1477378798 Gladys Naupo Phillipines
20 1291057950 Margaret Strunkina Russian Federation
21 1445957880 Aditya Dang Singapore
22 1467705989 Panthiv Joshi India
23 1367579120 Patcharin Patta Thailand
24 1399633150 Umesh Kumar India
25 1482043848 Cecil Jaramillo Thailand
26 1482983986 Marie Chen Singapore
27 1481784263 David Nelson Thailand
28 1482560897 Anugrah Rizky Indonesia
29 1481639378 Kathleena Vannarath Thailand
30 1481080165 Trang Nguyen Vietnam




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