Are You Romantic?


are you romantic feb promo


It’s February, and love is in the air! This is the special day for lovebirds and seeking singles. But even for the happy singles, we bring all of you this ultimate quiz that all can participate and have fun with! So do you think you are romantic enough for the Day? Well, if you aren’t sure, you might want to prep yourself before a date! But I'm warning ya, it's not going to be easy!


Let’s see if you are ready for Valentine’s day!


How Do I Take Part? 

  1. Step 1: Input your Member ID in the form below.

  2. Step 2: Complete the quiz.

  3. Step 3: Click “Submit” to register your participation in the promotion.

  4. Step 4: See how much you scored for the quiz!




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  1. Find your Member ID # Here
  2. Promotion Period: 1 February 2017 - 28 February 2017
  3. The 30 winners will be chosen from the top scorers.
  4. Total Value of Prizes: USD 300 (The chosen 30 participants will receive a cash prize of USD 10 each)
  5. Winners will be contacted via email, and listed on the bottom of this page
  6. Each participant can take part in the quiz only once
  7. If you are unable to see or participate in the comments below, kindly contact our support team at [email protected] for assistance.

​  ~Hmm, so are you romantic?~

Official Terms & Conditions



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Prize Draw Winners

# Member# Name Country
1 1458804158 Sarath Vm IN
2 1486947490 M Led PH
3 1450283021 Mun Choong MY
4 1452522131 Shee Min Ooi MY
5 1487068320 Li Hui SG
6 1452145999 Arianne Anota PH
7 1307656027 Jane Farnham AU
8 1421508746 Anisa Sreeni MY
9 1486380006 Howard Wong HK
10 1482094526 Sandy Leggins US
11 1488217368 Vanessa Choong MY
12 1488082178 Aritra Paul IN
13 1358981744 Kakoli Bose IN
14 1486018880 Dhiya Zahiah MY
15 1487148281 Tiffany Ma AU
16 1486364320 Lisa Manuncia PH
17 1481606076 Christine Kam SG
18 1486873180 Rowena Mae Abes PH
19 1419328936 Amanda Apriani ID
20 4737477 Mary Ann CA
21 1277747694 Rosemary Cote CA
22 1367261684 Terry Mintmier US
23 1462859537 Lam Quang Duong VN
24 1294824699 Robert Parkin NZ
25 1486306895 Gilang Christianto ID
26 1488087447 Glenn Clary Soh SG
27 1405754555 Bonnie Guzman US
28 1462272234 Jeffrey Gow SG
29 1476223853 Laura Norvell AU
30 1486417665 Ricky Pratama Putra ID


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