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Tell us your Favourite Survey Panels!

Share with us your top 3 favourite survey panels from 1 November 2014 to 30 November 2014 and stand a chance to win our 30 prize draw, a total of up to USD 300!

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  • * Your answers can include any survey panels that you have joined.
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  • Total value for this Prize Draw: USD300 (30 draws, $10 each).
  • This Prize Draw will be held from 1 November 2014 to 30 November 2014.
  • Winners will be chosen at the end of the promotion and will be contacted via email.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

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Prize Draw Winners

# Member# Name Country Panel #1 Panel #2 Panel #3
1 1333772825 Behn Tan Singapore Global Test Market Toluna AIP
2 1362529234 Kevin New Zealand Valued Opinion Opinion World Toluna
3 1402559689 Reiko K Malaysia Toluna AIP Valued Opinion
4 1328714758 Jackie United Kingdom Toluna MySurvey Pinecone Research
5 1404392674 Mei Kwan Kwok Hong Kong Opinion World Toluna MySurvey
6 1394872718 Manolito Macatao Philippines AIP Ann-Kate iPoll
7 1269913889 David Canada Pinecone Research Homescan Panel Harris Poll
8 1319479382 Rajeswari India Global Test Market Valued Opinion The Panel Station
9 1402711721 Michael Jim Estrada Philippines iPoll Ann-Kate AIP
10 1382489763 Tracey United States Pinecone Research Ipsos I-Say MySoapBox
11 1412414692 Victoria Wong Malaysia Toluna AIP Global Test Market
12 1374769279 Rihart Manurung Indonesia Global Test Market AIP Ann-Kate
13 1340182219 Vadi New Zealand Toluna My Opinions Opinion World
14 1390926234 Duong Nguyen Vietnam Global Test Market AIP Ann-Kate
15 1383586990 Ricky Siregar Indonesia AIP Ann-Kate Toluna
16 1365475498 Choon Lee Singapore Global Test Market AIP Ann-Kate
17 1305515713 Debbie Australia MyView My Opinions MySurvey
18 1402465994 Anne Grace Balaas Philippines AIP Ann-Kate iPoll
19 1408203379 Vrinda Prabhu India Valued Opinion The Panel Station AIP
20 8010497 Marina United States MySurvey Pinecone Research Valued Opinion
21 1398168700 Chooi Syn Yeoh Malaysia AIP Global Test Market Toluna
22 1355159333 Esha India Opinion World AIP The Panel Station
23 1383146604 Zhang Qin Singapore Opinion World AIP Toluna
24 1416977975 Zaki Intan Cindyagita Indonesia Toluna The Panel Station Ann-Kate
25 1344172198 Thananya Thailand Global Test Market AIP Ann-Kate
26 1409644141 Ronald Quartermain Australia MySurvey Opinion World Global Test Market
27 5840709 Frank Canada Global Test Market Ipsos I-Say Pinecone Research
28 1394534983 Guruprasad Naik India Global Test Market Valued Opinion AIP
29 3587372 Irene United States Pinecone Research MySurvey Ipsos I-Say
30 1269991797 Eileen United Kingdom Global Test Market Ipsos Access Panels MySurvey