My Favourite Feature

This campaign will be held from 1st July 2014 to 31st July 2014, 31 Daily Draws.

All entries shared to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr and StumbleUpon will be eligible for the lucky draw. There will be 1 winner per day!

All you need to do is:

  • Step 1 - Share on social media platform
  • - Visit and share our homepage:
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  • - Fill in your favourite PanelPlace's feature and why in the space below
    I like PanelPlace's ________________________ feature because ________________________! Check out #panelplace #surveyportal #features
  • - Copy to share it with your friends!

A few of PanelPlace features:

  • Payment Proof
  • My Survey Journal
  • Survey Panels Tracking (New Panel, My Panel, Hibernate)
  • New Survey Panel Recommendation Email
  • Knowledge Base/Helpdesk>
  • Tips & Facts Articles
  • Tell Friends
  • Mobile App
  • Login Button to Survey Panels


  • Step 2 - Print screen or take photo to let us know
  • - Print screen or take photo of your page/post, to show that you have shared the text.
  • - Email directly to us at: [email protected], and tell us how we can view your posting on the social media platform.


  • All entries that have not been selected will still be eligible for subsequent Daily Draws.
  • The sharing must include PanelPlace homepage, event link, text and hashtags. Lacking of any, the share will be considered not eligible.
  • The more you share, the higher chance you can win!
  • All duplicate entries of the same social media will be considered not eligible.
  • Winners will be contacted via email and updated on this page below.

Official Terms & Conditions

Lucky Draw Winners

Draw Date Name Country Screenshot
1 1st July 2014 Wendy Justine Malaysia Wendy Justine Fav Feature
2 2nd July 2014 Reverie Luther Philippines Reverie Luther Fav Feature
3 3rd July 2014 Ryan Soo Malaysia Ryan Fav Feature
4 4th July 2014 Imola Romania Imola Fav Feature
5 5th July 2014 Jaze Villanueva Philippines Jaze Fav Feature
6 6th July 2014 Jodi W United States Jodi Fav Feature
7 7th July 2014 Agnes Dela Cruz Philippines Agnes Fav Feature
8 8th July 2014 Anahi Gozales India Anahi Fav Feature
9 9th July 2014 Fujiko Kobayashi Philippines Fujiko Fav Feature
10 10th July 2014 Claire Tan Malaysia Claire Fav Feature
11 11th July 2014 Gaurav Jaiswal India Gaurav Fav Feature
12 12th July 2014 Sabri Mohd Malaysia Sabri Fav Feature
13 13th July 2014 Yvette Chan Singapore Yvette Fav Feature
14 14th July 2014 Suzanna United States Suzanna Fav Feature
15 15th July 2014 Mira Edora Malaysia Mira Fav Feature
16 16th July 2014 Luan Nguyen Vietnam Luan Fav Feature
17 17th July 2014 Shikha Mishra India Shikha Fav Feature
18 18th July 2014 Ale Alves Brazil Ale Fav Feature
19 19th July 2014 Ash Ford Philippines Ash Fav Feature
20 20th July 2014 Chiosa Angela Romania Chiosa Fav Feature
21 21st July 2014 Marie Grace Philippines Marie Fav Feature
22 22nd July 2014 Gunjan Sachdeva India Gunjan Fav Feature
23 23rd July 2014 Tommy Lee Malaysia Tommy Fav Feature
24 24th July 2014 Sameer Shekhar Singapore Sameer Fav Feature
25 25th July 2014 Rijal Wicaksono Indonesia Rijal Fav Feature
26 26th July 2014 Nur Hanis Malaysia Nur Fav Feature
27 27th July 2014 Fredilyn Ainza Philippines Fredilyn Fav Feature
28 28th July 2014 Luhat Keith Malaysia Luhat Fav Feature
29 29thJuly 2014 Huyen Thanh Vietnam Huyen Fav Feature
30 30th July 2014 Ai Lun Singapore Ai Lun Fav Feature
31 31st July 2014 Angelica Galas Philippines Angelica Fav Feature