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Payment Proof


Payment Proofs

Our members share the proof of payments they have received from Market Research companies and Survey Panels that can be found within PanelPlace. Payment Proofs are constantly being added and shared, do come back often to see new Payment Proofs.

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1867 Proofs

Ai Leng
Country: SG

MySurvey (Singapore)
SGD 5, earned in
Image viewed 382 times

"First Payment proof I got! :D"

Country: SG

Opinion World (Singapore)
SGD 15, earned in
Image viewed 439 times

"2nd redemption with Opinion World!"

Country: PH

Ann-Kate (Philippines)
PHP 100, earned in
Image viewed 391 times

"At last I received my first payment"

Country: PH

Ann-Kate (Philippines)
PHP 300, earned in
Image viewed 297 times

"My first payment.. thank you ann-kate!"

Country: SG

Opinion World (Singapore)
SGD 15, earned in
Image viewed 426 times

"2nd redemption from Opinion World! $15."

Kar Kwee
Country: SG

Opinion World (Singapore)
SGD 15, earned in
Image viewed 129 times

"Paypal reward from opinion world."

Country: IN

Valued Opinions (India)
INR 400, earned in
Image viewed 388 times

" is the best online survey site. It have provide two types of reward - Flipkart Voucher & Accentiv Ticket compliments."

Country: IN

Valued Opinions (India)
INR 400, earned in
Image viewed 155 times

"Hurraih!!!!!!!!!!!! I have got a 400 flipkart voucher... Thank u Valued Opinion for your valuable surveys:)"

Worldwide Testimonial

  • Xiang (Australia)

    Payment Proof: Xiang (Australia)


    1. Do you think Paid Survey is real? Why?
      " Yes, I think it is real. Because corporations want to collect information from customers. And I have payment proofs."
    2. How long did it take to earn your first rewards from doing Paid Surveys?
      " It was about 3 months."
    3. What do you like about PanelPlace?
      " It is a guide for Paid Surveys."
    4. What tips or advices would you share with our fellow members in order to earn from Paid Surveys?
      " Provide the information that the companies need truthfully for completing the surveys."


  • Bhawna (India)

    Hashtag: Bhawna (India)
    1. Do you think Paid Survey is real? Why?
      " The surveys showed in Panel Place are 100% real because I have redeem most of the sites which are shown on the site. And I will always stick to this site to increase my earning "
    2. Why do you think people should do paid survey?
      " Paid surveys are the source of extra income and a source of income for Housewives. On the other hand your knowledge also increase."
    3. Did you have any hesitation on paid survey before? If yes, how has PanelPlace changed your thinking?
      "I have heard so many sites which needs investment and only after that investment I will earn and When I investigate about these investment I found so many people who strictly said NO to investment. Also heard these sites never paid. But PanelPlace change my viewed when I saw payment proofs of the people. "
    4. What do you like about PanelPlace?
      "PanelPlace believes on the proofs and genuineness of the site. Only then it includes those sites. "
    5. In your opinion, how is PanelPlace different from other paid survey site that you have seen/used?
      "I hardly see the sites which have so many proof of payment. This is the main difference which increase the popularity of the PanelPlace."