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Payment Proof


Payment Proofs

Our members share the proof of payments they have received from Market Research companies and Survey Panels that can be found within PanelPlace. Payment Proofs are constantly being added and shared, do come back often to see new Payment Proofs.

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1797 Proofs

Country: PH

Ann-Kate (Philippines)
PHP 100, earned in
Image viewed 537 times

"I Receive 100php from Ann-Kate (Philippines), thank you. I will recommend Ann-Kate (Philippines) to my entire friends."

Aiman Ashraf
Country: MY

Ann-Kate (Malaysia)
USD 5, earned in
Image viewed 332 times

"$5.00 paypal reward again from Ann-Kate!"

Kar Kwee
Country: SG

Toluna (Singapore)
SGD 10, earned in
Image viewed 141 times

"Paypal reward. Thank you toluna."

Country: ID

Ann-Kate (Indonesia)
USD 6, earned in
Image viewed 459 times

"Saya baru saja menukar 600 point dari Ann kate dengan 6 Dollar"

Country: MY

Toluna (Malaysia)
MYR 20, earned in
Image viewed 104 times

"I have received Aeon Voucher RM20.00"

Aiman Ashraf
Country: MY

AIP (Malaysia)
MYR 20, earned in
Image viewed 68 times

"KFC voucher worth RM20 again from AIP!"

Country: SG

Global Test Market (Singapore)
SGD 60.64, earned in
Image viewed 35 times

"Love this panel!"

Chew Yen
Country: SG

Valued Opinions (Singapore)
SGD 20, earned in
Image viewed 562 times

"$20 Cold Storage Gift Voucher. "

Worldwide Testimonial

  • Connie (New Zealand)

    Payment Proof: Connie (New Zealand)


    1. Do you think Paid Survey is real? Why?
      " For sure it's real, money doesn't just fall out of the air."
    2. How long did it take to earn your first rewards from doing Paid Surveys?
      " Only a few months."
    3. What do you like about PanelPlace?
      " It's genuine cash earned from the survey panels featured in PanelPlace for some of my genuine time"
    4. What tips or advices would you share with our fellow members in order to earn from Paid Surveys?
      " NEVER turn down an offer of another survey, make the time.and JUST DO IT!!"


  • Bach (Vietnam)

    Share a Payment Proof: Bach (Vietnam)
    1. Do you think Paid Survey is real? Why?
      " I am sure Paid survey is real. I have earned money from AIP."
    2. Why do you think people should do paid survey?
      " I think that people should do paid survey so they can give opinions for the manufacturer, the suppliers, companies, Groups to make better products, services ... And that they can earn money. "
    3. Did you have any hesitation on paid survey before? If yes, how has PanelPlace changed your thinking?
      "Yes, i did. Some paid survey just give people who take part in the chance to win a coupon but after many survey have been done i recieved nothing. But i see the AIP on PanelPlace, and i am sure the other paid survey on PanelPlace is real. And i follow them. "
    4. What do you like about PanelPlace?
      "PanelPlace give me chances to earn money while i am online, "
    5. In your opinion, how is PanelPlace different from other paid survey site that you have seen/used?
      "PanelPlace is the home site of all the real paid survey sites. PanelPlace show me which sites can pay me when i do the survey for them."