Hashtag Campaign

This campaign will be held from 23rd May 2014 to 30th June 2014.

All entries to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Linkedin will be eligible for the lucky draw. There will be 1 winner for each social media platform per week!

All you need to do is:

  • Step 1 - Share on social media
  • - Fill in why you join PanelPlace in the space below
    I joined PanelPlace because ________________________ Check out www.panelplace.com/hashtag #panelplace #paidsurvey
  • - Copy the completed sentence and share.
  • Step 2
  • - Print screen or take photo of your page, to show that you have shared the text, then email it to us at: [email protected].
  • - Tell us how we can view your posting on the social media platform.


  • Winning chances will be accumulated. All entries that have not been selected will still be eligible for subsequent Weekly Draw. The more you share, the higher chance you can win!
  • The sharing must include event link, text and hashtags. Lacking of any, the share will be considered illegible.
  • Winner will be contacted via email and updated on this page below.

Official Terms & Conditions

Lucky Draw Winners

Draw Lucky Draw Date Winner Screenshot
Draw 1 (Facebook) 2nd June 2014 Kenneth Chew (Singapore) Hashtag Winner: Kenneth
Draw 1 (Twitter) 2nd June 2014 Mae Abigail (Philippines) Hashtag Winner: Mae
Draw 1 (Google+) 2nd June 2014 Tiew Chin (Malaysia) Hashtag Winner: Tiew
Draw 1 (Linkedin) 2nd June 2014 Fatiha Ismail (Malaysia) Hashtag Winner: Fatiha
Draw 2 (Facebook) 9th June 2014 Emmalyn Baritogo (Hong Kong) Hashtag Winner: Emmalyn
Draw 2 (Twitter) 9th June 2014 Hollius Mintardi (Indonesia) Hashtag Winner: Hollius
Draw 2 (Google+) 9th June 2014 Zyin (Malaysia) Hashtag Winner: Zyin
Draw 3 (Facebook) 16th June 2014 Angeline Ygrubay (Philippines) Hashtag Winner: Angeline
Draw 4 (Facebook) 23rd June 2014 Sarah Gurav (India) Hashtag Winner: Sarah
Draw 4 (Twitter) 23rd June 2014 Bayyinah Mah (Australia) Hashtag Winner: Bayyinah
Draw 4 (Google+) 23rd June 2014 Erika Zai (Indonesia) Hashtag Winner: Erika
Draw 4 (LinkedIn) 23rd June 2014 Sana Afreen (India) Hashtag Winner: Sana
Draw 5 (Facebook) 1st July 2014 Peter Taffe (United States) Hashtag Winner: Peter
Draw 5 (Twitter) 1st July 2014 Grace Walky (New Zealand) Hashtag Winner: Grace
Draw 5 (Google+) 1st July 2014 Phan Xuan Vuong (Vietnam) Hashtag Winner: Phan