Let’s Talk PanelPlace: Unscramble Me

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In the month of April, we scrambled up letters and asked everyone to try to guess the word! The quiz was probably quite tough, but with the clues, it’s made easier for everyone. In fact, this quiz also tests all of your understanding regarding paid surveys! 

This time, the answers were not revealed immediately upon completion as we wanted to collate them first! Presenting to everyone the long awaited answers!

Shall we have a look at the answers? See how much you scored! 



Ans: April


Ans: Survey


Ans: Computer


Ans: Member


Ans: Home


Ans: Money


Ans: Rewards


Ans: Tablet


Ans: Email


Ans: Promotion


Have you checked the answers? We hope you scored pretty well! 

We wondered if the quiz is too easy or difficult, so we got everyone to rate the difficulty level:

Wow! It seems that many of you thought it was pretty hard! This means the game was challenging enough! 
We hope everyone enjoyed this month’s promotion, and if you didn’t scored very well, fret not! Join our current promotion Make It Work, and stand another chance to claim your cash prize! 


Till next time,

The PanelPlace Team


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unscramble me promo
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In last month's promotion, we saw that everyone had so much fun unscrambling letters to form words! Today, we shall reveal the answers, so let's see how much you scored!

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