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Our 30th promotion has just ended…. We have indeed come a long way, from where we started! In conjunction with our 30th promotion special, PanelPlace came up with the “Count The ‘P’s” game (along with amazing prizes!). The spot-the-difference game totally brought back nostalgic memories for us! PanelPlace would like to take this chance to thank you for your continuous support all these while! PanelPlace has been holding monthly promotions in hopes of interacting and understanding each and every of our member better. Do continue to share your experience on online paid surveys with us, just like what Andy has done here!

Moving on… For July’s promotion, a whopping number of 5472 members submitted their answers!! Wow, that's amazing! Did you get the right answer? Let’s check out the answer below!

panelplace count the p promo answers

Yes, the total number of PP logo found in the image is 23 - are you one of the 33% that got it right? Great work!!

Congratulations!!! Head over to the promotion page to see the list of winners!


Missed this promotion? Fret not, there is an ongoing promotion for the month of August! Don’t miss out and enter your submission now!

Thank you for taking your time to read! Remember to check out our partnering survey panels to get yourself updated with new surveys!

Till the next time,
The PanelPlace Team

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In this post, we will provide an update on the 30th promotion PanelPlace held last month! PanelPlace has indeed come a long way. Previously, we held a spot-the-difference game, which brought back nostalgic memories – just like how our past promotions would. Through this 30th promotion, we would like to take this chance to thank our members for their continuous support. Did you get the right answer? Let’s check out the answer below!

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