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Posted by Aurelia Sugita

We had the blueprint, now we have the upgraded version. 

Without further ado... We are introducing PanelPlace HQ 2.0!!! We have relocated to our new office at Block 71!

We may land on a goldmine but that doesn't mean that everything we touch can turn to gold. Nevertheless, this won't get us down. A new home means new opportunities right? So what's our next step? Just keep digging! Just keep digging!

Nov 15th, 2017
Posted by Aurelia Sugita

On September 2017, we have asked all of you to submit your creative entries with PanelPlace's logo. It has been a little over 2 months since PanelPlace Runway begin and now we are featuring 6 artworks from the 16 winners!

Nov 06th, 2017
Posted by Joyce Hu

In the August promotion, we asked you several questions relating to the different beer drinking habits around the globe. Now, check it out for yourself how many questions you answered correctly!

Sep 04th, 2017
Posted by Stella Ellyanti

Following up to our last promotion Events With Emoji, where we have given you emoji icons to guess the names of important festive days, read on to see how many questions you have gotten correct!

Aug 02nd, 2017